Membership Information

Membership Statement

Netser of Hope (NOH) has a voluntary, non-voting congregational membership for those that desire to formally join us in furthering NOH’s vision and mission within our local body and in our local community. Those that have submitted their lives to the will of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the New Covenant ushered forth by Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, are no longer strangers to the covenants of promise nor aliens to the commonwealth of Israel. We belong to God’s people Israel, and we live to walk out God’s calling and purpose for our individual lives, to obey His commandments in expression of our love for Him, to love our neighbors as ourselves while being a light unto others and sharing the good news of Yeshua where God has placed us.

Membership with NOH is not necessary for a person to serve the Body of Messiah and be used by God to further His Kingdom. However, membership with NOH should enhance a person’s opportunities to use the gifts bestowed upon them by the Holy Spirit to support this local body of like-minded believers and serve the needs of our local communities through God’s calling and vision for NOH.

Membership Requirements

  1.  Membership can be requested following regular attendance at NOH gatherings for a period of at least six (6) consecutive months.
  2.  Members shall maintain regular attendance and service. If a member stops regularly attending for a period of three (3) months, their membership with NOH will be revoked.
  3.  Members will be asked to regularly serve or volunteer at NOH services or events in accordance with the gifts bestowed upon them by the Holy Spirit.
  4.  Membership does not confer any special status, or benefits, or a leadership position upon a person; however, membership is required for a person to be considered for a leadership position.
  5.  Membership must be approved by the NOH membership committee and/or the NOH President following an interview with the membership applicant.